Man of the Sea, Kwakwaka’wakw 1977 J. Johnny Red Cedar MASK Northwest Coast


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Man of the Sea Mask, Kwakwaka’wakw 1977 J. Johnny Red Cedar

It is signed on the inside back “Pukwese Man of the Sea J. Johnny /77” signed in Pencil. Pukwese, Bookwus, and Bukwus, are many different spellings of the Man form the Sea, a supernatural being that lives at the edge of the forest and sea. It is attributed to artist Jimmy Johnny, Kawawaka.wakw, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Northwest Coast First Nations Artist. It is a dance mask that has been danced. When held to your face you see through the nose holes. It has holes and leather thongs on the side for wearing. It is strongly and deeply carved, painted with deep green, deep blue, white and black. Jim Johnny is known for his high quality of workmanship. knowledge in traditional design and mythology.

In good condition it measures 11 ½ inches tall x 8 ½ inches wide and sticks out about 8 inches. Made from red cedar, carved in the round.