Massive Lidded Jar Japanese 19th Century Nagoya


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Massive Lidded Jar Japanese 19th Century Nagoya

This piece also attributed to Kaji Tsunekichi of Nagoya Owari Province, Japan. These pieces showing came from an important Canadian Collection. Kaji Tsunekichi started the renaissance of cloisonne in Japan, influenced and copied the Chinese masters. This is a large lidded jar. The front depicts a rooster against a blue ground, the back has a pheasant against a green ground, with the stylized abstract decoration throughout. It is multi coloured enamel, using copper wire on a copper base. It has condition issues, Along the top edge, the lid ahs been majorly repaired, a dent on the top collar, another dent just above the square of the front. It stands 17 inches tall x 10 inches wide.

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