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Kasaya Buddhist Priest Robe Mantle Kesa Vestment Gold Brocade ANTIQUE


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It is a patchwork, bits of treasured material sewn together to make one piece. Each corner has a square cloth representing four heavenly monarchs, celestial beings. One in each direction. Also represents rice fields, a fertile field of blessings. A sacred piece that can be read by the right person. Similar examples are in many museums, like the Kyoto National Museum. This sash type was worn over the left shoulder, a garment of enlightenment. These Buddhist priest’s robe go back over 1000 years.
This is a Buddhist priest robe, made from donated fabrics sewn together. This one measure 78 x 42 inches. It has some worn spots and repairs. It is a silk brocade material with pine tree and chrysanthemums. It also has some much older squares in the corners of much older golden brocade.
It has a purple silk back lining, with a ribbed textured silk.


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