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Antique Chinese Tiara Headdress Ceremonial Tian-Tsui Empress Crown Silver Gold Gilt


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Antique Chinese Tiara Headdress Ceremonial Tian-Tsui Empress Crown

Wedding Kingfisher Qing Dynasty Gold Gilt Phoenix Pearls

This is a very old antique Chinese headdress, crown, made in the late 19th century in China for an important occasion, like a wedding ceremony. Similar types of headdress’ have been made since ancient Chinese ancestry time period, the Empress’s wore similar ones too. It is hand made from very thin sheets of silver, with a gold gilt on top. It has pierced, engraved and repousse work. Originally it had iridescent blue kingfisher feather work called Tian-Tsui, but they are all gone.
It is decorated with spring set glass beads and silk pom poms, and faux pearls. There is lots of shimmering movement to this elaborate hat. Raised up are phoenix birds, bats, flowers, and numerous symbols. It is made in three tiers, there is a red padded rim for comfort when wearing, some string to tie on. It need some tender care, it can be picked up and properly arranged so it looks improved, I have left it as I found it. It looks like it is missing some beads, It measure approximately 11 inches wide x 10 inches tall.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 12 cm


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