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Antique Chinese Peking OPERA Headdress Paper Mache Silk Tassel


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Antique Chinese Peking OPERA Headdress Paper Mache Silk Tassel

Mirrors, Glass Beads, Blue THEATRICAL Tiara

This is an antique Chinese artifact. This headdress crown appears to made from Paper Mache and wire, it has repousse raised work, and pierced decoration. It is mainly gold with with blue painted highlights. It has mirrors, to reflect the light for a dramatic theatrical effect. It has four loose hooks That have glass beads a dark gray in colour hanging. It also has two long purple maroon silk tassels. On the front center is a round circle with two loops for something to attach to. It has a red paper lining sewn in the back for comfort in wearing. It has string to tie on. There is a Phoenix Bird on either side of the headdress. It is fragile but strong. Possibly missing some hooks.

It measure 13 inches wide, x 8 inches tall. Circa 1880, Qing Dynasty.


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